Why Provide Behavioral Services In-Home?

Have you ever taken your kids somewhere and people comment on how well-behaved they are?  The standard response is "You should see them at home!"

Children will often behave differently in public, or when they are around new people.  While this may be welcome relief for the parent, it is not helpful for a therapist who is trying to work with you to change behaviors.  You can either try to explain the behavior to me in the office while your little one colors and uses good manners, or I can observe the "meltdowns" in real time.

It is extremely valuable to be able to observe the problem-behaviors that are concerning you in the natural setting.  Children are much more relaxed, and behave as they normally do.  This also affords me the opportunity to observe interactions between family members that may be contributing to difficulties at home.

But are you judging me?

Do I have to clean before your visit?

No and no.

I get it.  It can be a little awkward to have someone in your home.  But believe me when I tell you, I am not judging your housekeeping skills.  I'm pretty sure there is applesauce on my ceiling. 

When creating a plan to change behaviors, it is absolutely essential to understand when a behavior is occurring and why.  This is best accomplished through observations in the home. 


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