My Thoughts on Parenting and Childhood

I believe in the magic of childhood. 

I believe "home" should be a safe place, where everyone feels loved and accepted.  Where a child is free to explore, grow, and be his or her best self.

I believe that parents and caregivers want to create wonderful childhoods for their children.  And parents want to experience the joy of their children.

I believe parents want to feel confident in their abilities and choices.

What about parenting a child who struggles

with Behavioral Difficulties?

Maintaining a peaceful home and focusing on joyful experiences can become very difficult when a child is off track. Children often do not have the ability to communicate their emotional needs with words, so they use behaviors.  This is very stressful and tiring for a parent who is constantly trying to figure it out.

There is hope, and I am here to help you in this process.

I would like to help bring you and your child back to the place of magic and joy and wonder.

A Gentle approach focused on Attachment

I personally believe in a gentle approach to parenting with an emphasis on attachment.  No matter what behavior your child displays, or what diagnosis he or she has been given, my focus is on connection before correction.  I will work with you to create a treatment plan that is individualized for your child, assumes competence, and is based on his or her strengths and unique interests.

I invite you to reach out today to schedule a brief, free phone screening to

determine if we would be a good fit.

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