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Are you feeling confused, defeated, or overwhelmed by your child's behavior? Do you have a child displaying symptoms of anxiety, depression or an Autism Spectrum Disorder?  Or perhaps you are just not sure how to respond to your child's behaviors in a calm and supportive way.

Do you wonder if your child is "normal" or on the right track? Your child's teacher or pediatrician isn't worried, but your gut is telling something doesn't seem right.  

Do you find yourself struggling just to get through the day instead of enjoying your child? Is your goal simply to avert disasters?  If you find yourself reacting to your child rather than providing guidance and leadership, I invite you to read on and learn more about the services offered through North Star Family Guidance!

Founded by Jennifer Blankenship, LISW, BCBA, North Star Family Guidance is here to assist you on your parenting journey.  Click here to learn more about specific mental health and behavioral services. 

I feel strongly that every child deserves a peaceful place to call home, and every parent is doing their best to be the guidance that his or her child needs.  But the road will get rough.  It  may be an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ADHD, or a child who is displaying off-track behaviors.  You may be experiencing difficulty with one or two behaviors, or feeling completely overwhelmed. 

You may be feeling like you have to fight this battle alone.  But there is help.  You can get your family back on track.

I would like to help guide you through the twists and turns, and bring you back to the place of enjoying your child and experiencing a more peaceful home.  


About Me

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This is where you might expect to see a list of academic accomplishments and experience.  Of course that is important (and I do have 18 years of it), but it's probably not the deciding factor about how well we will work together.  So let me tell you about me:  I really enjoy what I do.  Each family is unique, and I consider it a privilege to get to know you, your routines and traditions, and what makes your family special.  I really get a kick out of kids, and love getting to know their individual personalities.  I strongly believe that everyone deserves to have a safe place to call home.  I am passionate about helping parents create this place for themselves and their children.  While I have the deepest respect and compassion for parents struggling with their children, I also think it is important to maintain a sense of humor and enjoy life!

I have three small children of my own and an adult step daughter.  I try to maintain a gentle parenting approach, while my children do their best to make sure I get to practice patience every day.  I'm on this parenting journey, too, and can relate to many of the struggles you may be facing.



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